Alan Ritter

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Office: Coda 1157B
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I am an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech (also affiliated with the Machine Learning Center). My research focuses on machine learning for language understanding. This includes algorithms that learn to read with minimal supervision, along with applications that can benefit people. For example, one of my recent projects analyzes online opinions about the severity of new software vulnerabilities. I am also interested in data-driven dialogue agents that can converse with people more naturally.

Before joining Georgia Tech, I received my Ph.D. from the University of Washington, was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon and an Assistant/Associate professor at Ohio State University.

Prospective Students: My group recently moved to Georgia Tech! I am looking for well-qualified students to work with on research related to NLP and Machine Learning. If you plan to apply to one of our Ph.D. programs, please mention that you are interested in working with me, so your application gets routed to the right place. Most of my students are in the Ph.D. in Computer Science program, but I can also work with students in Machine Learning or Human-Centered computing. It is OK to send an email to let me know you have applied, though I do get many of these emails, and unfortunately, I don't always have time to reply. If you are an undergraduate or masters student already at Georgia Tech, feel free to send an email with your resume.

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  • Senior Area Chair, EMNLP 2021, Computational Social Science
  • Area chair, ACL 2021, Information Extraction
  • Senior Area Chair, NAACL 2021, Machine Learning for NLP: Classification and Structured Prediction Models
  • Senior Area Chair, EMNLP 2020, Information Extraction
  • Area chair, AKBC 2020
  • Area chair, ACL 2020, Information Extraction
  • Area chair, EMNLP 2019, Social Media and Computational Social Science
  • Area chair, ACL 2019, Information Extraction and Text Mining