Constrained Decoding for Cross-lingual Label Projection
Duong Minh Le, Yang Chen, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu
ICLR 2024
Tensor Trust: Interpretable Prompt Injection Attacks from an Online Game
Sam Toyer, Olivia Watkins, Ethan Adrian Mendes, Justin Svegliato, Luke Bailey, Tiffany Wang, Isaac Ong, Karim Elmaaroufi, Pieter Abbeel, Trevor Darrell, Alan Ritter, Stuart Russell
ICLR 2024 (Spotlight)
Having Beer after Prayer? Measuring Cultural Bias in Large Language Models
Tarek Naous, Michael J. Ryan, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu
Proceedings of ACL 2024
Meta-Tuning LLMs to Elicit Lexical Knowledge of Language Style
Ruohao Guo, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter
Proceedings of ACL (2024)
NEO-BENCH: Evaluating Robustness of Large Language Models with Neologisms
Jonathan Zheng, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu
Proceedings of ACL (2024)
Reducing Privacy Risks in Online Self-Disclosures with Language Models
Yao Dou, Isadora Krsek, Tarek Naous, Anubha Kabra, Sauvik Das, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu
Proceedings of ACL (2024)
Self-Specialization: Uncovering Latent Expertise within Large Language Models
Junmo Kang, Hongyin Luo, Yada Zhu, James Glass, David Cox, Alan Ritter, Rogerio Feris, Leonid Karlinsky
Findings of ACL (2024)
Can Pre-trained Vision and Language Models Answer Visual Information-Seeking Questions?
Yang Chen, Hexiang Hu, Yi Luan, Haitian Sun, Soravit Changpinyo, Alan Ritter, Ming-Wei Chang
EMNLP 2023
Distill or Annotate? Cost-Efficient Fine-Tuning of Compact Models
Junmo Kang, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter
ACL 2023
Improved Instruction Ordering in Recipe-Grounded Conversation
Duong Minh Le, Ruohao Guo, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter
ACL 2023
Human-in-the-loop Evaluation for Early Misinformation Detection: A Case Study of COVID-19 Treatments
Ethan Mendes, Yang Chen, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter
ACL 2023
Do CoNLL-2003 Named Entity Taggers Still Work Well in 2023?
Shuheng Liu, Alan Ritter
ACL 2023
[Reproduction Award]
Frustratingly Easy Label Projection for Cross-lingual Transfer
Yang Chen, Chao Jiang, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu
Findings of ACL (2023)
Few-Shot Anaphora Resolution in Scientific Protocols via Mixtures of In-Context Experts
Nghia T. Le, Fan Bai and Alan Ritter
Findings of EMNLP 2022
Stanceosaurus: Classifying Stance Towards Multicultural Misinformation
Jonathan Qiaoyi Zheng, Ashutosh Baheti, Tarek Naous, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter
EMNLP 2022
SynKB: Semantic Search for Synthetic Procedures
Fan Bai, Alan Ritter, Peter Madrid, Dayne Freitag, John Niekrasz
Proceedings of EMNLP 2022 (Demo Track)
Extracting a Knowledge Base of COVID-19 Events from Social Media
Shi Zong, Ashutosh Baheti, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter
Coling 2022
Pre-train or Annotate? Domain Adaptation with a Constrained Budget
Fan Bai, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu
EMNLP 2021
Just Say No: Analyzing the Stance of Neural Dialogue Generation in Offensive Contexts
Ashutosh Baheti, Maarten Sap, Alan Ritter, Mark Riedl
EMNLP 2021
[Covered by TNW]
Model Selection for Cross-Lingual Transfer
Yang Chen and Alan Ritter
EMNLP 2021
Process-Level Representation of Scientific Protocols with Interactive Annotation
Ronen Tamari, Fan Bai, Alan Ritter and Gabriel Stanovsky
Proceedings of EACL 2021
[code / data / demo]
An Empirical Study of Pre-trained Transformers for Arabic Information Extraction
Wuwei Lan, Yang Chen, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter
EMNLP 2020 (short paper)
[pre-trained models]
Measuring Forecasting Skill from Text
Shi Zong, Alan Ritter and Eduard Hovy
Proceedings of ACL 2020
Fluent Response Generation for Conversational Question Answering
Ashutosh Baheti, Alan Ritter and Kevin Small
Proceedings of ACL 2020
Code and Named Entity Recognition in StackOverflow
Jeniya Tabassum, Mounica Maddela, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter
Proceedings of ACL 2020
[Talk] [Data] [Demo]
Structured Minimally Supervised Learning for Neural Relation Extraction
Fan Bai and Alan Ritter
Proceedings of NAACL 2019
Analyzing the Perceived Severity of Cybersecurity Threats Reported on Social Media
Shi Zong, Alan Ritter, Graham Mueller and Evan Wright
Proceedings of NAACL 2019
[Code] [Covered by WIRED]
Generating More Interesting Responses in Neural Conversation Models with Distributional Constraints
Ashutosh Baheti, Alan Ritter, Jiwei Li, Bill Dolan
Proceedings of EMNLP 2018
An Annotated Corpus for Machine Reading of Instructions in Wet Lab Protocols
Chaitanya Kulkarni, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter, Raghu Machiraju
Proceedings of NAACL 2018 (short paper)
Adversarial Learning for Neural Dialogue Generation
Jiwei Li, Will Monroe, Tianlin Shi, S├ębastien Jean, Alan Ritter, Dan Jurafsky
Proceedings of EMNLP 2017
"i have a feeling trump will win..................": Forecasting Winners and Losers from User Predictions on Twitter
Sandesh Swamy, Alan Ritter and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe
Proceedings of EMNLP 2017
[Slides] [Video] [Code] [Data]
Learning to Extract Events from Knowledge Base Revisions
Alexander Konovalov, Benjamin Strauss, Alan Ritter and Brendan O'Connor
Proceedings of WWW 2017
A Minimally Supervised Method for Recognizing and Normalizing Time Expressions in Twitter
Jeniya Tabassum, Alan Ritter, Wei Xu.
Proceedings of EMNLP 2016
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Generation
Jiwei Li, Will Monroe, Alan Ritter, Michel Galley, Jianfeng Gao, Dan Jurafsky.
Proceedings of EMNLP 2016
Developing a successful SemEval task in sentiment analysis of Twitter and other social media texts
Preslav Nakov, Sara Rosenthal, Svetlana Kiritchenko, Saif M. Mohammad, Zornitsa Kozareva, Alan Ritter, Veselin Stoyanov, Xiaodan Zhu
Language Resources and Evaluation 2016
Sense Discovery via Co-Clustering on Images and Text.
Xinlei Chen, Alan Ritter, Abhinav Gupta, Tom Mitchell.
Proceedings of CVPR 2015
Weakly Supervised Extraction of Computer Security Events from Twitter
Alan Ritter, Evan Wright, William Casey and Tom Mitchell
Proceedings of WWW 2015
Never Ending Learning
Tom Mitchell, William Cohen, Estevam Hruschka, Partha Talukdar, Justin Betteridge, Andrew Carlson, Bhavana Dalvi, Matt Gardner, Bryan Kisiel, Jayant Krishnmurthy, Ni Lao, Kathryn Mazaitis, Tahir Mohammad, Ndapa Nakashole, Emmanouil Antonios Platanios, Alan Ritter, Mehdi Samadi, Burr Settles, Richard Wang, Derry Wijaya, Abhinav Gupta, Xinlei Chen, Abulhair Saparov, Malcolm Greaves and Joel Welling
Proceedings of AAAI 2015
Extracting Lexically Divergent Paraphrases from Twitter
Wei Xu, Alan Ritter, Chris Callison-Burch, William B. Dolan and Yangfeng Ji
Proceedings of TACL 2014
Major Life Event Extraction from Twitter based on Congratulations/Condolences Speech Acts
Jiwei Li, Alan Ritter, Claire Cardie and Eduard Hovy
Proceedings of EMNLP 2014
Weakly Supervised User Profile Extraction from Twitter
Jiwei Li, Alan Ritter and Eduard Hovy
Proceedings of ACL 2014
Modeling Missing Data in Distant Supervision for Information Extraction
Alan Ritter, Luke Zettlemoyer, Mausam and Oren Etzioni
Proceedings of TACL 2013
Open Domain Event Extraction from Twitter
Alan Ritter, Mausam, Oren Etzioni, Sam Clark
Proceedings of KDD 2012
[Slides] [Demo] [Talk]
Paraphrasing for Style
Wei Xu, Alan Ritter, William B. Dolan, Ralph Grishman, Colin Cherry
Proceedings of Coling 2012
[Code and Data]
Named Entity Recognition in Tweets: An Experimental Study
Alan Ritter, Sam Clark, Mausam, Oren Etzioni
Proceedings of EMNLP 2011
[Slides] [Code]
Data-Driven Response Generation in Social Media
Alan Ritter, Colin Cherry, Bill Dolan
Proceedings of EMNLP 2011
[Slides] [Model]
A Latent Dirichlet Allocation Method for Selectional Preferences
Alan Ritter, Mausam, Oren Etzioni
Proceedings of ACL 2010
[Slides] [Code]
Unsupervised Modeling of Twitter Conversations
Alan Ritter, Colin Cherry, Bill Dolan
Proceedings of HLT-NAACL 2010
Learning to Generalize for Complex Selection Tasks
Alan Ritter and Sumit Basu
Best Student Paper Award
Proceedings of IUI 2009
[Video] [Slides]
It's a Contradiction -- No, It's Not: A Case Study using Functional Relations
Alan Ritter, Doug Downey, Stephen Soderland, and Oren Etzioni
Proceedings of EMNLP 2008

Workshop + Other

Results of the WNUT16 Named Entity Recognition Shared Task.
Benjamin Strauss, Bethany Toma, Alan Ritter, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe and Wei Xu
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
Shared Tasks of the 2015 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text: Twitter Lexical Normalization and Named Entity Recognition.
Timothy Baldwin, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Bo Han, Young-Bum Kim, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
Combining Non-Expert and Expert Crowd Work to Convert Web APIs to Dialog Systems.
Ting-Hao K. Huang, Walter S. Lasecki, Alan L. Ritter, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Work-in-Progress paper in the Proceeding of Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2014)
Powering Spoken Language Interactions With the Crowd.
Lasecki, W.S., Ritter, A., and Bigham, J.P.
Proceedings of the CHI Workshop on Designing Speech and Language Interactions (DSLI 2014). Toronto, Canada, 2014.
Extracting Knowledge from Twitter and the Web
Alan Ritter
Ph.D. Thesis, University of Washington 2013
Gathering and Generating Paraphrases from Twitter with Application to Normalization
Wei Xu, Alan Ritter, Ralph Grishman
ACL 2013 Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora
A Preliminary Study of Tweet Summarization using Information Extraction
Wei Xu, Ralph Grishman, Adam Meyers, Alan Ritter
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Filter, Rank, and Transfer the Knowledge: Learning to Chat
Sina Jafarpour and Chris Burges, Alan Ritter
NIPS Workshop on Advances in Ranking, Vancouver, Canada, 2009
What Is This, Anyway: Automatic Hypernym Discovery
Alan Ritter, Stephen Soderland, and Oren Etzioni
2009 AAAI Spring Symposium on Learning by Reading and Learning to Read

Distributional Word Clustering in Parallel
Alan Ritter, James Hearne, Philip Nelson

Machine Learning Approach to Tuning Distributed Operating System Load Balancing Algorithms
Michael Meehan, Alan Ritter

NDIS Network Driver
Alan Ritter
Dr. Dobb's Journal, January 2006